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How To Improve Your Website Traffic Analytics

Your digital presence is much more important than your physical store. That’s because you can only serve a limited number of people in a place that’s made of brick and mortar. However, when you transition to the virtual world, the entire scenario changes. You can have customers from all corners of the globe.

Plus, your website serves as the foundation for all of your efforts in online marketing and creating strategies. There are lots of difficulties that your visitors are facing before they land on your page. It’s the job of a perfect landing page to give answers to their problems, streamline the buying process, and make them become a returning customer.

Today, the marketing scene is mainly influenced by websites ranking higher in SERPs. It always gets the employee of the month reward because it’s working every day, 24/7. That’s one of the reasons to look at your metrics and analytics and see how it’s performing.

There are trends that are coming and going each month, and it might be tough to remove the clutter and implement the strategies that are actually generating results. In some cases, you might want to redesign, only to find out that Google has changed its algorithm, and you should use your resources and your time better.

There are plenty of difficulties when it comes to dealing with the cornerstone of your online presence, and that’s why you should always be on the lookout for improvements. Click on this link to find out more.

Wisely use white space

If it’s your first time creating a website, you might want to put all of the information right out of the gate. That’s not the best strategy. Too much clutter will confuse a visitor, and they might not know where to start.

If your landing page is filled with buttons, popups, text, images, and video playing in the background, the new visitor would have to do a lot of work just to get the answer to their question. That’s why white space is so useful. It’s one of the critical things that make up effective design.

It’s used to improve readability while allowing the reader to take a look around before concentrating on the text. The current statistics show that whitespace is responsible for boosting the attention of users by more than 30 percent.

That’s because it gives more space, and it makes your site look modern. Furthermore, you should know that too much of it could hide the information that you’re trying to deliver. In this case, the most important focus point should be balanced. You shouldn’t use too little, and you shouldn’t overdo it.

Improve speed

Today’s environment is fast-paced. Users want to get their answers immediately. That’s one thing that’s making a lot of web pages sink in their rankings. No user wants to wait too long for a website to load. The optimal loading time should be less than three seconds.

That’s because visitors from all around the globe are going to try to access your site through different platforms. You can check that by looking at sales funnel analytics which have all the data. That could be desktop, mobile, or tablet. All of these devices have different screen sizes, and your site needs to be reactive and look natural in all cases.

Everyone expects a quick response, and if that doesn’t happen, they’re going to bounce. Bouncing rates mean the number of people that are clicking on your site and leaving immediately. That’s a good indicator that you need to optimize speed.

The main answer why they won’t wait is because they don’t have the time, and it’s annoying to wait when you’re scrolling on your phone. TikTok and other social media apps have shortened the attention span of the general public, which means that technology needs to speed up even more. Having a site that loads in five seconds increases your bounce rates by 20 percent or more.

That means that one in five people are going to leave just because they don’t have the time to wait. This means that you have to check your score regularly. Google is a search engine that has a free tool where you can check and see how you score against others.

Plus, they’re going to give you a couple of recommendations on how to improve. One of the easiest things to change is the size of your photos. Before uploading, you should always compress your files. This will substantially improve your metrics.

Make appealing call-to-action buttons

Humans are visual creatures, and we respond well to colors. For your call-to-action buttons to work, you need to know a bit of psychology. When you’re in traffic, if the light is red, you’re going to stop. If it’s green, you’re going to press on the gas.

If you make your buying buttons red, that’s going to send a mixed signal to the brain of your visitor. As soon as they have a doubt in their mind, they might reconsider their behavior and click away from the website.

That’s why almost all sites have a green button or cart. You need to experiment with wording and colors, and that can improve your sales by more than 15 percent. The words you choose also have a large impact on buyer psychology.

It’s just like political speech. It’s not exactly what you say. It’s more about what people read and hear. You need to use words that have emotional power and also trigger emotional responses. This will lead your customers to act in a timely and oriented manner.

Use bullet points

Everyone wants to read the information that’s condensed nicely. That’s why when you read something online, you go to other websites compared to Wikipedia, even though it has more information. The way in which information is presented plays a large role in whether people will read it.

Bullet points are best because they symbolize pros and cons in a visual manner. This gives users all of the information they need in an easy-to-read format. Finally, you should concentrate on the whitespace around the bullet points to make sure there’s enough room for easy reading.

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