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Apple Watch Ultra: 5 features that the Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t have

Apple Watch Ultra: Here are five features that set this enthusiast-oriented adventure sport wearable apart from the regular Apple Watch models.

The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s most advanced wearable yet and unlike the Watch Series 8 the Ultra competes with high-end enthusiast-level adventure watch-makers like Garmin. The watch has an edge in durability, and comes with a number of features to cater to adventure sports enthusiasts.

While the Apple Watch Ultra is powered by the S8 chip that powers the Apple Watch Series 8, there are a lot of other changes that set it apart. If you’re thinking of buying the Apple Watch Ultra, here are five awesome features the wearable comes with, that you won’t find on regular Apple Watch Models.

Increased durability

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a titanium body and sapphire front crystal glass, which you’d also find on the top-end models of the regular Apple Watch models along with IPX6 water resistance. However, the Apple Watch Ultra also comes with the rugged MIL-STD 810H Military durability rating that ensures its functioning under extreme conditions.

This means that the Apple Watch Ultra is much more likely to survive a collision with rock when you go climbing, compared to the standard Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch Ultra can also survive extreme temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 55 °C. As a bonus, Ultra users also get an additional ‘Action button’ that can be configured to open any app when pressed.

Depth app for divers

Apple claims the Apple Watch Ultra is twice as water resistant as the regular Apple Watch models, and that’s saying something because the regular Apple Watch models are already 50 ATM water resistant. Moreover, the Ultra also has a dedicated app for those who like to dive underwater.

The fully functioning ‘Oceanic Plus’ app automatically kicks in when you’re submerged and shows users key data points on the screen. These include depth, pressure, location and other safety warnings. This is super handy for casual divers.

Super bright display

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a display that can output a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. For some context, that is not only brighter than smartphones, but also most televisions.

This is to help give the Apple Watch Ultra extra visibility when needed, under extreme conditions and direct sunlight, where visibility of gadgets often becomes a pain point, more so if you happen to be wearing protective eyewear.

Extreme battery life

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with 36 hours of battery life on average, as claimed by Apple. The company also adds that if you choose to operate on the wearable’s ‘low power’ mode, you could run the watch for about 60 hours. This is great for adventure sports enthusiasts who may not have access to a charge during extended sessions.

In comparison, regular Apple Watch models offer far less battery life, with the newest Series 8 offering an ‘all day’ battery at most, meaning you’d have to charge the wearable each day.

Loud siren, Dual band GPS

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a loud 86 decibel siren in it, that can be handy if you’re ever stuck in trouble during an adventure and need to call for help. The siren, which can be tethered to the customisable Action Button, can be heard 180 metres away, Apple claims.

Dual band GPS, on the other hand, allows for more reliable GPS tracking that lets users set markers for track back feature that helps them navigate their way back if they’re lost. The wearable also comes with advanced distance tracking and a precision compass.


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